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Beginning/Intermediate/Advanced Welding


This class is offered in the fall and spring. Please continue to check back for future available dates.

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Re-tool your skills to take advantage of in-demand, high paying jobs in the manufacturing sectors. If you're an individual who likes building things, working with your mind and hands or simply enjoys seeing the results of your efforts, then we have just what you're looking for.

These self-paced courses are designed for the beginner, intermediate, or experienced welder. SMAW and GMAW are taught at all levels. 

GTAW (TIG) will be covered only in the intermediate/advanced welding class.

The following topics will be covered: Machine Settings, Preparation of Materials, Safety and Welding in all positions.

Students MUST attend the FIRST night to continue with the class.

No welding equipment is required for the first night of class. The students will receive an equipment list and will be advised of the best place to purchase the supplies.  First night is two hours only. There are three types of welding offered. Arc and Mig have similar equipment.  However, they are taught separately.  Each section is thirty hours. In this course there is no hobby welding or building of projects.

Students must be 18 years of age to attend the class.

 NOTE: Cost of the tools and protective equipment for the class is estimated to be $150 to $200.


Facts About Welding: Experts predict a large shortage of capable manufacturing workers in the next few years almost everywhere, and many companies now report difficulty finding welders. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the growth in this sector will be 15% over the next decade.

Student Welding


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