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Ag, Farm & Ranch

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Become a better rider, improve your gardening and greenhouse skills, or learn to better run your farm or ranch.


Occupational and in-class training that leads to the opportunity to become a journeyman in the high-paying trades of Electrical, HVAC and Plumbing.


Develop your business acumen and marketability by learning to enhance your leadership skills, become a better team member and up your effectiveness and professionalism.

Computer Classes

Experience hands-on learning using the latest software. Courses for an absolute beginner to the advanced user. Courses about bookkeeping, database, web design, and more.

Conf. & Workshops

Special events and learning opportunities online and in person. CE/WT offers outstanding conference services and customized training for businesses and professions.

Culinary Arts

Expand your cooking horizons and abilities by working under a talented instructor on new, elegant and fun dishes.

Digital Arts / Web

Enhance your creativity while learning to edit photos, upgrade your digital presence or promote sales and services with these useful, in-demand skills.

Industrial Mainte…

Required knowledge for industrial tradespeople, including controls, PLC basics and fluid dynamics.

Lifelong Learning

You are never too old to learn, and we have a plethora of enjoyable, valuable classes that will enrich your life.


Build your skills in these high-demand, good paying trades.

Web Courses

Fit classes into your schedule—not the other way around. Web courses and webinars cover a variety of topics and are available whenever you are.